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How to Remove Irrelevant Fluff and Make your Resume Pop

The worst part of being a hiring manager is reading resumes that are in no way a reflection of a candidate’s skills and abilities. Generally, candidates like to pack their resumes full of information and qualifications that fail to capture […]

Write a Resume for your Next Job While Working Your Current Job

  Too often, people update their resume right as they’re on the cusp of applying for new work or unexpectedly out of work. This is disastrous. Working can be mundane and thankless. The events of each day can run together, […]

Using Social Media to Enhance your Personal Brand

    Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are ubiquitous parts of our world. These social media programs provide great ease in building and maintaining your personal brand – if used correctly they enhance your brand, and incorrectly could easily destroy what […]

Using Referral Groups to Enhance Your Job Search

Every time someone loses a job a well-meaning but ill-informed friend says, “Hey, why don’t you reach out to someone you know and see if there’s something for you at that company?” That’s great advice – except you work too […]

How to Attend a Social Event and Gain Massive Amounts of New Contacts

  When people hear the term “networking,” immediately most people start thinking about potential job contacts without understanding the key dynamics of how to build relationships. Moreover, most people that attend social events for networking look to accrue vast amounts […]

Understanding the Job Offer to Negotiate a Better Salary

The best part of the job search process is receiving the job offer. Typically what happens is the excitement overwhelms the senses and you’re tempted just to accept whatever terms are offered. This is not a good situation! The reason […]

Empower Yourself by Understanding Key Negotiation Techniques

  There’s a saying that everything in life is negotiable. That’s frightening, isn’t it? It’s reality though, and the reason things are negotiable is because human beings are always trying to get maximum return for minimal investment. If we told […]

Use Leadership Skills to Land the Perfect Job

The business world is increasingly becoming automated and successful people are required to be independent and self-sufficient. These needs result in increasing emphasis on leadership, especially in the corporate world because the vast structure of companies does not lend itself […]

Getting Ready to Interview? Prep With the P – S – O Technique

Many years ago, I met a woman CEO who had successfully landed not one but three different CEO positions over ten years at highly sought after companies. I asked her what her secret was, and she said she always prepared for her […]


TX - San Antonio
9.00 - 12.00/hour
TX - Lubbock
33k - 44k/year
TX - Dallas
21.00 - 25.00/hour
TX - Houston
TX - Fort Worth
18.00 - 22.00/hour
TX - Tyler
OK - Tulsa
NY - Piermont
TX - Houston
0.00 - 63.00/hour
FL - Orlando
65k - 80k/year