This entertaining look at a terrible interview will definitely put a smile on your face and may help you relax about your own upcoming interviews. From chewing gum, to being totally unprepared, to refusing to answer questions, this candidate touches all of the bases in ‘how not to get the job.’

This is an entertaining look at a terrible interview. If you’re wondering how to put yourself in the worst possible light, simply:

  • Start by displaying inattentive and distracting posture
  • Focus on life traits irrelevant to the job at hand (e.g., marital status and political beliefs)
  • Annoyingly chew gum
  • Know nothing about the target company
  • Belittle your current job and boss
  • Note how you drink at work
  • Refuse to answer pertinent inquiries about applicable skills
  • Indicate that you are not willing to work hard (that you’re willing to “do enough to get by…”)
  • Have no recollection of any examples of job experiences in which you thrived
  • Make sure to ask about potential salary and benefits