Ever wonder what to wear for a job interview in an office that has business casual? Should you dress to the nines to the interview, even if the job itself calls for more casual attire? Harry Rosen helps you wade through this tricky wardrobe question.

First impressions undoubtedly count…dressing for success is a critical starting point.

  • Even if the job doesn’t require you to dress up every day a well-fitted suit to your interview will deliver a message that you respect the person and the company that you’re interviewing with
  • A dark dressy suit – plain or with a stripe – should be the starting point
  • A white shirt offers the easiest canvass for your tie, but there other options
  • Dark socks to match the suit and proper dress shoes as the finishing touches…match the belt with your shoes and give the shoes a robust shine
  • Walk in with the confidence of knowing you’re well dressed…as for the tricky interview questions…you’re on your own…or watch another video