Overcoming the 5 Top Barriers to Closing a Sale

Victor Antonio provides a simple, useful discipline for developing an effective sales pitch or diagnosing why a sales pitch fails. Initially, he plans for...

“The Buck Stops Here” …or Does It?

There are times that the popular expression “The Buck Stops Here” coined by President Harry Truman doesn’t apply in negotiations. For example, in rejecting...

Key Considerations in Navigating Negotiation Technique

Having watched 10,000 deals in 50 countries over ten years, Brian Dietmeyer, President & CEO, e-Think Inc., says there are two key questions to...

Wall of Wisdom

On The Job


What’s in a Name?

How do choose a name that will stand out among 300 million brands in the world today?

Getting an Edge at Meetings

Behavioral studies can provide an edge in impressing your colleagues in meetings.

What is a Professional?

David Ludlow of InIT Learning in Milton Keynes, Rugby, Northampton, Leicester, Oxford Bedford lists some of the basics of being a professional in the...