Leil Lowndes provides specific tips for connecting with someone, especially during first encounters. He covers handshakes, eye contact, and many other important elements of process. Specifically, when he says good eye contact, he means it suggesting you gaze at all aspects including the lashes of the person’s eyes.

Attention to detail is key to the first encounter:

  • For a good handshake, put your finger lightly on the vein in a person’s wrist
  • In order to make good eye contact, look at all aspects of a person’s eyes, e.g., iris, whites, lashes
  • A good way to sign off an encounter is to use the receiver’s name in/at the end of the last sentence
    • Everyone loves to hear their own name
  • When you take someone’s business card, briefly hold it in both hands and look at it while you’re talking to them – gives them a feeling of respect
  • Keep your business cards in a nice case and when you give it to someone, hold/tilt it in a way that would allow them to read it – shows that you’re proud of your business