There’s a lot of talk these days about promoting yourself as if you’re a brand. And, like any brand promotion, there are good and bad ways of doing this. William Arruda articulately focuses on some simple, no-nonsense don’ts, when building your personal brand. For example, branding is a marathon, so DON’T sprint at the start …only to quickly run out of steam…

Among his no-nonsense perspectives on building a brand:

  • Don’t be fake
    • Be genuine – it’s not about creating an image but rather being authentic to who you are
  • Don’t be wish-washy
    • Take a stand (can’t be all things to all people), which will help you stand out more
  • Don’t talk before you think
    • Have a plan – know what you want to say before starting communication efforts
  • Don’t go for quantity over quality
    • Make sure you’re using the right resources and building something of quality, or you may end up detracting from your brand (it’s not just about more videos on YouTube or more content in your blog)
  • Don’t run out of steam
    • Implement a steady, methodical, consistent approach to brand building

For more, check out this video…


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