Medical Radiography - Associate Degree at Apollo College

The mission of the Medical Radiography program at Apollo College is to develop students into competent Radiologic Technologists who can assume entry level positions in the field. Consistent with its Mission, the Medical Radiography program has the following goals: Graduates will have the cognitive skills necessary to perform as entry-level radiologic technologists. Cognitive skills consist of the information necessary to practice as an entry-level professional. Graduates will have the psychomotor skills needed to practice as entry-level professionals. Psychomotor skills are the techniques required to apply knowledge in clinical work. Graduates will have the affective skills needed to practice as entry-level professionals. Affective skills are the behaviors and attitudes that make a professional who is worthy of the trust and confidence of peers, other health care professionals and patients. The Program will continually seek to improve its success in meeting its Mission by reviewing outcomes including the completion rate of those who enroll, the success of graduates in meeting professional credentialing requirements, and the placement of graduates in jobs in the field. The Registered Radiologic Technologist works in a wide variety of areas where radiography is used to help diagnose trauma or disease. Some of these include; trauma radiography in emergency rooms, fluoroscopic examinations in diagnostic centers, portable radiography at the patient's bedside in the Intensive Care Unit, and in Family Practice groups where Radiologic Technologists give care to family members while helping to find the source of the patient's illness. The Radiologic Technologist works under the guidance of the Radiologist, a medical physician who specializes in Radiography. The Radiographic Technologist correctly aligns the radiology equipment and positions the patient to achieve the optimum diagnostic examination. The Radiologist then interprets the findings and reports to the patient's physician. The Radiologic Technologist has important responsibility for safely administering ionizing radiation to the public. This is an integral part of the training in the Medical Radiography Program. The students in the Medical Radiography Program at Apollo College receive three 16 week semesters of classroom instruction that prepare them to do an additional three semesters of clinical at facilities throughout the greater Phoenix area. While at the clinical internship facility, the student is monitored by a Clinical Instructor at the clinical site, as well as, by the Clinical Director from the Medical Radiology Program. After the completion of the two-year accredited program in Medical Radiography, the graduate takes a national examination to become certified as a Registered Radiologic Technologist.

Program Medical Radiography
Degree Associate Degree
Category Health & Medical/Radiology & Sonography

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