Automotive - Associate Degree at NADC

With this program, you?ll acquire the same strong foundation as a technician, but in addition, you can strengthen your academic skills. Not only will you be able to service cars from a technical perspective, you can have the essential communication, people, and business skills it takes to be a manager or even own your own business. NADC's technical training combined with additional courses such as General Mathematics, English Composition, Fundamentals of Speech, General Psychology, American Government, and Economics can provide you with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive and Diesel Technology. Having additional academic skills can not only make you a more valuable employee, it can also equip you for a variety of positions that otherwise may not have been available to you. NADC provides you with the opportunity no matter which way you decide to steer your career.

Program Automotive
Degree Associate Degree
Category Automotive/Diesel Tech

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