BA: Management and Leadership Concentration - Bachelor Degree at Warren National University

The Business Administration program with a concentration in Management and Leadership at Warren National University seeks to equip students with a broad base of knowledge that can be utilized to strengthen leadership abilities and improve managerial effectiveness. Recognizing that the separate disciplines are highly interrelated, the University believes that its students benefit from a program that combines management and leadership to assist professionals in obtaining success regardless of the hierarchical levels in organizations, or industry in which they operate. In the bachelor-level program, students are subjected to a wide-ranging field of management by examining a number of important topics. In addition, management principles, business communications, and management and supervision will be studied through the review of theoretical, practical, social and ethical concepts. This well-rounded, comprehensive business program encompasses all facets of management and provides essential tools for the making of effective leaders and managers.

Program BA: Management and Leadership Concentration
Degree Bachelor Degree
Category Trades & Careers/Communication

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