Dental Assistant - Diploma Program at SAC-MDA

Dental Assistants have a variety of administrative and clinical duties. Some of the administrative responsibilities are appointment scheduling, answering the phone, completing patient files and insurance forms, and more. Dental Assistants also take vital signs, expose and develop dental radiographs (X- Rays), make dental impressions and models, and function as the dentist's extra pair of hands in an operation. Most professional dental assistants work in private offices, either for a single dentist or a group practice, and have a mixture of administrative and clinical responsibilities. At the San Antonio location, as part of our in-class training, our students will have the opportunity to treat actual patients in our in-house dental clinic. The objective of the Dental Assistant program is to prepare students with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for entry-level positions in the dental field. This program includes instruction in both the clinical (chairside) and administrative aspects of dental assisting. Students will be eligible to take the following examinations: radiology, infection control and jurisprudence (successful completion of these certification exams is required for application as a Registered Dental Assistant with the state). Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a diploma.

Program Dental Assistant
Degree Diploma Program
Category Health & Medical/Dental

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