Massage Therapy - Diploma Program at Apollo College

The Massage Therapist Diploma program combines a complete and comprehensive study of Swedish Massage with other manual and energetic therapies. Supporting courses include a thorough kinesthetic and tactile study of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Professional Ethics and Communication, and the Business of Massage. According to recent job analysis data, a massage therapist should be competent in the following: display a passion for the profession, employ appropriate communication skills, design and implement a massage session, manage the business of a massage practice, manage the critical components of a massage practice, maintain self-care and wellness program, promote the profession, and acquire knowledge, skills and credentials. The mission of this program is to prepare the serious bodywork practitioner to fulfill the above competencies. As massage is attracting both popular and scientific attention for its possible health benefits, the need for qualified, credentialed massage therapists is rising. Venues where the certified massage therapist can offer a safe, positive, healing touch include corporate wellness programs, medical clinics, hospitals, resorts, spas and health clubs, and cruise ships. The program offers didactic and laboratory therapy instruction.

Program Massage Therapy
Degree Diploma Program
Category Health & Medical/Massage Therapy

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