Physical Therapy Technician - Diploma Program at Apollo College - Tucson

Physical Therapy Technician assist the Physical Therapist in helping patients recover from illnesses and injuries. They assist in the physical therapy treatment plan for patients in order to restore muscle function, relieve pain, and prevent disability following disease, injury, or loss of body parts. A Physical Therapy Technician may aid in a therapy treatment program that may include exercise, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and massage therapy. They also instruct and motivate patients in isometric and ambulatory exercises. They may also work with other patients to overcome the emotional and pysical barriers that may hinder recovery. Most Physical Therapy Technicians work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, physician offices, nursing homes, home health agencies, adult day care programs, schools, wellness and community centers, and in private industry. Graduates may also choose to train and test as Personal Trainers, opening many doors for successful careers in Fitness.

Program Physical Therapy Technician
Degree Diploma Program
Category Health & Medical/Physical Therapy

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