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العراق ، والتعليم عبر الانترنت , درجة الانترنت والتعليم عن بعد

University of Phoenix, Iraq

In today's globalized world of education, students in Iraq and throughout the Middle East can work towards a fully accredited and recognized American degree while maintaining their commitments to their homeland, their work, and their family.

Supported by the University of Phoenix, Middle East Service Centre in the Dubai Knowledge Village at the business hub of the Middle East, the University of Phoenix Middle East online undergraduate and graduate degree programs are specifically designed to enable students to study in their own country, in their own time-zone, in their own time. A University of Phoenix Middle East education is ideal for working individuals with other lifestyle commitments in Iraq and across the Middle East.

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Iraq Online Education, Distance Learning - University of Phoenix, Middle East

Described by the University of Phoenix itself:

"As the largest private university in North America, University of Phoenix is a pioneer in international online learning. When you join our global online community, you become part of an inclusive network that has helped thousands of students from over 130 countries to achieve their personal and career goals.

It’s a genuinely American educational experience, offering programs taught by highly-qualified professionals. Whatever you choose to study, you study where and when you want, preparing yourself for the educational, professional and personal challenges you will meet in the real world today. You will also find that you earn your degree sooner than you think.

Students throughout the Middle East can attend classes online. Our Student Services Center in Dubai, provides personalized support for online students – with an expert, multi-national staff well-versed in your educational systems and professional concerns."

Iraq Education, General:

According to the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority:

"The Ministry of Education has historically operated the elementary and secondary schools and vocational centers across the nation of Iraq. The ministry has been responsible for building and outfitting schools, setting curricula, publishing textbooks, testing students, and auditing school performance. Prior to the 1970s, Iraq's educational system was considered one of the best in the Middle East, especially in science and mathematics."

Since 1970, violence has plagued students in Iraq and hindered the expansion of higher education opportunities within the country.  Many students can now explore online education programs from international online universities to acquire an appropriate college level education.


Higher Education in Iraq:

Due in large part to the rapid development of international online education institutions in the United States, such as the University of Phoenix, students in Iraq and throughout the Middle East can access high-quality higher education opportunities by way of distance learning programs and online classes.  Students in Iraq are increasingly exploring such online education opportunities in hopes of developing valuable skills in business, technology, and health care.

As noted by the U.S. Library of Congress - United Arab Emirates Country Study:

"The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MHESR) oversees the administration of 20 major public universities in Iraq, two post-graduate commissions, and 43 technical institutes and colleges. Following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, MHESR also assumed basic administrative oversight of some higher educational institutions previously tied to the office of the president and other dissolved organizations (e.g., Al Nahrain University).

The MHESR also supervises accreditation of higher education institutions in Iraq, promotes scientific research and technological development, and maintains its own research institutes for cancer and psychological research as well as its press house."


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