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جامعة بغداد, البرامج, الدورات, درجات, الكلية

University of Baghdad - Iraq

The talk about Baghdad University and its foundation is, in fact,
a talk about the history of higher education and scientific research in Iraq. Baghdad University is not the largest scientific entity only, but it is the oldest. It was through this university that all the highly qualified lecturers, researchers and administrative personnel were graduated. They supplied other Iraqi universities that were created later on as well as other governmental bodies. The university has started as an idea that went on growing until it became a public demand that was necessary to be fulfilled.
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University of Baghdad Profile

A History of the University of Baghdad

The governments at the time of the school's inception were forced to agree to public demand and took few steps towards executing it. As such, a committee was formed in 1943 to study the possibility of establishing an Iraqi university. In September, 1956, the first legislation was put forward to establish a university in Iraq under the name of Baghdad university and in 1957 a first president was named for the university and a first founding council was created to study the conditions of the various colleges and institutes present at the time, make the necessary changes and take steps to tie them to the university after ascertaining their scientific standards. In 1958 another legislation for Baghdad university was passed.It admitted the establishment of the university with its council that managed its scientific and administrative affairs. The university at the time included the colleges of: Law, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Art, Commerce, Agriculture and Veternary. The high institutes of Languages, Administrative Science, Surveying, Industrial Engineering andPhysical Education were also attached to the university.

The university was forced yearly to enlarge its student’s admittance as well as its teaching staff due to increase demands of the country’s continuing development. Its scientific activities were extended to other cities in Iraq so that in Mosul, the university established the colleges of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Agriculture & Forestry, Pharmacy, Humanities and Institute of Accounting. In Basrah, it founded the colleges of Education, Law and Engineering. In early April, 1967, these colleges became the foundations of the universities of Mosul and Basrah. Baghdad University, since its establishment, has always responded immediately to all demands of the national development plans, so that its increased it, student’s admittance in various branches of knowledge and found new colleges & institutes. The university at present has twenty four colleges, five high institutes and nine research centers.

University of Baghdad Campuses and Colleges

The University of Baghdad includes:

Jadriya Compass (Campus)

  • College of Engineering - www.buec.net
  • College of Al-Khawarzmiy - www.kecbu.net
  • College of Science - www.college_of science.jeeran.com
  • College of Science for Women
  • College of Political Science - www.colpoliticsbagh.org
  • College of Physical Education - www.iraqacad.org/college.htm
  • College of Education for Women

Bab Al-Moadham Compass (Campus)

  • College of Medicine - www.bcolmed.com
  • College of Dentistry -www.baghdentistry.com
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Ibn Rushd Education
  • College of Art
  • College of Languages
  • College of Mass Media
  • College of Islamic Science.

Al-Waziriya Compass (Campus)

  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Physical Education for Women - www.coll_sportwomen.com
  • College of Law
  • College of Administration and Economy -www.cpsbiq.org
  • College of Ibn Al-Haithem Education

Abu Ghraib Compass (Campus)

  • College of Agriculture - www.agiccolbagh.org
  • College of Veternary - www.veterinarymedicine.jeeran.com

University of Baghdad Admission Requirement

In order for a student to enroll in the University:

  • He/she should be Iraqi
  • He/she should own a preparatory certificate approved by the directorate of education from the government
  • He/she should pass the medical examination
  • according to the special conditions for each study
  • He/she should not be accused of a felony
  • The top 10% of the institutes should be accepted our colleges in accordance with his field of specification

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