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Types of Home Business

Types of Home Businesses

Home Businesses are found in a diverse range of industries and incorporate a wide variety of products and services.

Starting a Home Business

Starting a Home Business

In many cases, the first steps toward starting a home business can be the most challenging.

Finance and Money - Home Business

Finance and Money

Home businesses demand proper financing, appropriate tax filings, and effective payroll and accounting.

Home Business Operation and Management

Operation and Management

A successful home business cannot develop without quality operation and management efforts.

Home Business Resources and Reference

Resources and Reference

Celebrate your decision to start a home business with the gift of information, resources, and reference materials.

Home Business Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Learn tips of the home business trade to set your business on the right track for success.


"There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions - in a way that serves the world and you." - Richard Branson

More and more Americans are working for themselves. The enormous growth of the home business sector has, quite simply, become something to write home about. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20 million people work from home in the United States alone, including over seven million self-employed, two-thirds of which have a home-based business (that is, a business exclusively operated out of their home with no other location).

Clearly, with great challenge comes great opportunity. As the economy presents continued hardships, people of all ages and experience levels are pursuing financial freedom with increasing home business opportunities in franchising, internet business and other types of self-employment. Home business careers certainly have their benefits, including the “short” commute, reduced overhead and an escape from office politics. And as President Obama has discovered under even the most challenging circumstances, working at home often affords more time for family.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you explore our vast array of home business tools and resources to follow your passion. Are you ready to pursue your dream? Consult with our SBA assessment tool and check out our “Business Startup Resources.” And don’t forget financing and business media. Even great entrepreneurs with a visionary home business idea need a little help. We’re here as much or as little as you need us...


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Starting a Home Business
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Home Business Resources and Reference
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