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If someone asked you to give up your cell phone for an entire day, you probably couldn’t do it! Cell phones are considered a necessity to most people, with an increasing number of households deciding to dispense with their home phones and use mobile devices as their primary means of communication. Own a retail franchise that taps into the mobile and cellular market and supply your customers with a product that is in high-demand. Use your customer service skills to match customers to the appropriate mobile device and create a positive retail experience.

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Opportunities: The most prominent Children's Franchise opportunities are situated around cellular phones, laptop computers, and wireless internet - offering franchise owners a range of lucrative business opportunities across the country.


Mobile 1 by  Cyrillicus

Image Courtesy of 'Cyrillicus'


Mobile 2 by William Hook

Image Courtesy of William Hook


Notable Franchises: Well-known franchise opportunities within the cellular and mobile industry include:

1. Wireless Zone
2.@Wireless Franchise
3. Air Advantage Franchise
4. Wireless Toyz Franchise
5. Yakety Yak Wirless Franchise
6. Wirless Giant Franchise


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