Remote Program Chair - Health Information Management

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Job Description

Herzing University, a private nonprofit institution, encompasses 11 campuses in eight states, a continuing education division, and an online division. The Online Division is looking for a new Program Chair for our Health Information Management program. 
    Our program is growing! and we are looking for someone excited about leading our Health Information Management program by finding practical and innovative ways to manage a remote team with the goal of reaching our compassionate and engaged students.  WHAT we are looking for To be considered for this position, all applicants must have the following minimum qualifications:
  • A Master's degree
  • Hold at least one degree in  Health Information Management, Health Informatics, Health Care Management, Health Services, Health Administration, or a related area
  • Hold current Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) credentials
  • Have online teaching experience 
  • Three year's experience in a management or supervisory role
    WHO we are looking for In addition to the position's minimum qualifications listed above, who we are really looking for is someone who is focused on student results, and can effectively empower and lead a remote team of experienced educators... the knowledge and experience that may help you stand apart from the other applicants includes, but is not limited to:
  • A track record of managing projects of various sizes (with a focus on the team)
  • Experience with AHIMA/CAHIIM Programmatic Accreditation Process
  • Prior work experience when you were required to work independently or with minimal supervision (possibly working remotely)
  • Experience using or administering Blackboard, or another online learning platform
  • Either functional knowledge, or experience with curriculum development (instructional design)
  • Previous management position(s), preferably in an academic environment, which provided you the opportunity to demonstrate:
    • Conflict management/resolution 
    • Ability to identify problems, research solutions, and recommend/implement solutions
    • Flexibility to manage multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities and timelines
    • Manage individuals or teams remotely

Herzing University offers full-time employees a competitive benefits package, which includes a Tuition Waiver Program for full-time employees (and eligible dependents) after one year of employment.
The Health Information Program Chair holds both faculty responsibilities, and is responsible for administrative duties related to Online Health Information Management Program. The duties of a Program Chair, summarized in the full job description below, are both instructional (you will be teaching online) and administrative (you will be managing both people and processes), encompassing all courses and programs assigned by the Academic Dean who also works remotely.



The duties of the chair in respect to teaching are outlined in the Herzing University Faulty Handbook.  The duties relating to the role as Program Chair fall into six major areas: administrative, instructional, curriculum, assessment, student satisfaction and retention, and professionalism.
  • Administrative:
    • Assists the Dean/Department Chair in establishment of class schedules in accordance with course and program requirements.
    • Assures the grades and records from assigned faculty are submitted accurately and promptly in accordance with the University’s grading policy and procedure.
    • Assures that class attendance is reported by assigned faculty in accordance with the University’s policy and procedure.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in the enforcement of the University’s rules as published in the Herzing University Catalog, Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook and Corporate Bulletins.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in determining the need for computer resources, materials and supplies, textbooks and other materials that are to be used for instructional and learning resource purposes of assigned courses/programs.
    • Makes recommendations to the Academic Dean with respect to replacing instructional equipment related to assigned courses/programs.
    • Makes recommendations to the Academic Dean with respect to the acquisition of new equipment for instructional purposes.
    • Established procedures with the Academic Dean for adequate service arrangements for instructional equipment to minimize downtime relating to assigned courses/programs.
    • Ensures faculty personnel files for assigned faculty are maintained according to University policies.
    • Responsible for the implementation and security of all the tests and examinations used in assigned courses/programs.
  • Instructional:
    • Teaches courses as assigned by the Academic Dean.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in the recruitment and selection of teaching staff through establishing the position requirements, reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Ensures that thorough reference checks are done on all candidates.  Serves as a member of the review panel for faculty candidate’s mock presentations.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in the administration and supervision or faculty training, development and promotion as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.
    • Acts as the resource person for faculty working on the Faculty Development modules or other faculty development materials.
    • Regularly monitors quality of instruction by assigned faculty members through classroom visits for traditional format classes and review of online student interaction in the online class section in online or hybrid classes.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in the administration of student satisfaction surveys including, but not limited to, end-of-course critiques, HAPPI surveys and the All-College Survey.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in the assignment of teaching functions in accordance with established workload norms, teacher expertise and teacher interests.
    • Manages student internship and/or clinical programs that are part of assigned programs.
    • Encourages a high level of faculty morale by being readily available to discuss with assigned faculty their needs, questions and frustrations, and by promoting positive attitudes among the staff and the students of the campus.
    • Holds regular meetings with assigned teaching faculty to keep them apprised of University policy and objectives as well as to share and search for solutions to common teaching problems that arise from time to time.
  • Curriculum:
    • Assures high academic standards through the establishment of appropriate student evaluation mechanisms for assigned courses/programs.
    • Initiates local curriculum development activities in accordance with the University’s curriculum development policy for assigned courses/programs.
    • Serves as the campus’ representative to the applicable University wide curriculum sub-committee(s) for assigned programs.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in maintaining and using the campus’ advisory board for the purpose of curriculum and textbook review and direction for assigned courses/programs.
    • Maintain current course and subject outlines for all courses and subjects offered by the college.
    • Keeps current with state/accreditation reporting requirements related to assigned courses/programs and assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair to ensure appropriate materials are available as required to support any approval changes.
    • Accreditation and Licensure
    • Responsible for obtaining and maintaining state licensure for the program where applicable.
    • Responsible for obtaining and maintaining specialized accreditation for the program where applicable.
    • Prepares and submits all required periodical reports to state licensure and specialized accreditation agencies in a timely manner.
    • Coordinates all submissions to licensure or specialized accreditation agencies through the Campus Academic Dean and the University Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • Assessment:
    • Actively engages in and promotes student academic achievement assessment processes and procedures for students I assigned courses/programs.
    • Uses student academic achievement assessment data to improve instructional methodologies.
    • Student Satisfaction and Retention
    • Monitors student retention and satisfaction in assigned courses/programs.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in developing action plans for improving student retention/satisfaction.
    • Interacts in a fair and impartial way with students.
    • Listens to and evaluates student problems and concerns from students in assigned courses/programs, counseling them within the norm of society and the regulations of the University.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair in mediating staff-student conflicts in a professional manner.
  • Professionalism
    • Portrays a positive, professional image of and for the University at all times.
    • Completes professional development activities as established through consultation with the campus Academic Dean.
    • Cooperates with all members of the campus faculty and management team.
    • Assists the Academic Dean/Department Chair with other curricular and/or administrative duties as required.

  • Must be capable of providing leadership and inspiration to assigned students.
  • Must be highly structured and organized.
  • Must be sufficiently technically oriented to understand the technology objectives of the programs offered.
  • Must be capable of writing in clear and communicative manner and delivering organized, informative presentations.


ADA Disclaimer:  In developing this job description care was taken to include all competencies needed to successfully perform in this position.  However, for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) purposes, the essential functions of the job may or may not have been described for purposes of ADA reasonable accommodation.  All reasonable accommodation requests will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. #CB #NW

Job Requirements

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