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Job Description

  • Management of the treatment room is the sole responsibility of the Teacher. Although the Teacher may delegate specific tasks to the Classroom Technicians he or she supervises, ultimate accountability lies with the Teacher. If an issue arises or an assigned task is not completed, it is the responsibility of the Teacher to address the issue or problem with each Classroom Technician individually. If the problem or issue cannot be resolved, the Early Childhood Coordinator (ECC) will be notified and will take appropriate action.  

  • Assess each CHMS patient in his or her treatment room using the AEBA within two weeks following admission and as required thereafter. (See policy in the EdPP on administering the AEBA for more detailed information.)

  • Ensures each patient has the required objectives prior to billing day treatment services.

  • Ensures that Credible Classroom Documents are properly completed each day, signed and submitted using current procedures via electronic medical record.

  • Develops each patient’s IETP within two weeks following admission and update accordingly. The Teacher will review and update objectives in the current Master Treatment Plan located in the patient’s medical chart. (See policy on IETPs for more detailed information.)

  • Has thorough and complete knowledge of all objectives developed for each patient in his or her treatment room.

  • Ensures that the IETP is implemented to maximize the treatment of the patients served.

  • Refers patients for additional clinical services as needed (i.e., nutritional, medical, therapy, and behavioral issues).

  • Develops or reviews daily lesson plans at least one week in advance and reviews these plans with all treatment room staff.

  • Ensures that the Daily Record of Service is properly completed each day and that the completed form is turned in to the designated staff member by the end of each workday.

  • Ensures that the Daily Report form is completed and sent home each day for review by the patient’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). No comments are to be written on this form. If the Teacher feels a parent or legal guardian should be contacted, either by phone or in person, the ECC should be consulted.

  • Ensures that Monthly Objective Tracking forms are completed for each patient on a daily basis. Teacher must turn this form in weekly to the ECC for review and initials.

  • Ensures that Weekly Lesson Plans are completed, including each patient’s name and date. These must be turned in to be filed in each patient’s chart on a weekly basis. This is a requirement for billing.

  • Maintains treatment room supplies and completes monthly order form if needed.

  • Ensures that visual supervision of the patients is maintained at all times and ensures the appropriate adult-to-child ratios are maintained.

  • Ensures a positive emotional climate for the patients by showing respect to children and adults through a willingness to help others, by maintaining harmonious inter-personal relations, and through use of appropriate and approved discipline techniques.

  • Maintains an environment conducive to preventative discipline.

  • Speaks in a well modulated, pleasant, and caring voice to patients, parents, and personnel.

  • Attends and actively participates in job-related center functions such as parent meetings, transition conferences, peer reviews, conferences with supervisors, staff workshops, and job orientations, as directed by supervisor(s).

  • Represents the program to parents, visitors, and the public in a positive way.

  • Ensures that a clean, safe, healthy, and sanitary learning environment is maintained and that patients are kept clean, clothing is changed when necessary, and toys and other materials are cleaned and disinfected as described in the Education Policy and Procedure manual under “Cleaning of classroom toys, materials, equipment”.

  • During periods of physical activity, ensures that active involvement is maintained with patients to promote gross and fine motor development.

  • Maintains familiarity with health and safety guidelines, including universal precautions and daily operating procedures, as implemented by the clinic nurse.

  • Immediately reports any information regarding health and safety concerns to ECC or clinic nurse.

  • Completes 15 hours of relevant and approved in-service training per fiscal year.

  • Is familiar with and responsible for following the company’s policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including CHMS, RSPMI, CARF, AR Child Care Licensing, and the AR Health Department.

  • Displays concern for the rights of patients and families served by the clinic.

  • Will be asked to perform some housekeeping/janitorial functions.

  • May assist other treatment rooms if need arises.

  • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with external sources, including families and referral sources.

  • Provides a positive role model, demonstrates respect, good approach, and delivery with patients, including administering consequences in a consistent, thoughtful fashion.

  • May perform other related and non-related duties as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.

  • Effectively intervenes to de-escalate patients, and if applicable may have to effectively administer the therapeutic hold including the debriefing (Teachable Experience).

  • May perform other direct patient care responsibilities as assigned.

  • May perform other related and non-related duties, as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.

    • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

    • Must be physically able to walk, stand, and stoop for several hours each day.

    • Must be willing and able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance.

Job Requirements

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