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Job Description

Position Summary:  Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the panel saws in an industrial woodworking environment.


Essential functions of the job.

Day to day operations of the panel saws including:                                              

  1. Adhere to Standard Operating Procedures.
  2. Read and understand the specifications and drawings.
  3. Determine correct setups as determined from drawings.
  4. Selection and proper setup of cutting tools.
  5. Run test part to check setup accuracy to match part to specifications.
  6. Run machine in an efficient manner to produce parts needed to the quality standards required.
  7. Material handling as needed to perform operations on material and to move material to next station as determined by part flow.
  8. Utilize all safety equipment and precautions for the position.
  9. Complete all required paperwork (ex.- timesheets, quality control report forms, etc.).
  10. Perform daily cleanups on all areas of the machine and work area.


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Six months or more of on the job training under the direction of an experienced operator.



  • Knowledge of Basic Math.
  • Must know the differences in blades and importance of proper blade maintenance and use.
  • Knowledge of how to check for and correct for accuracy and squareness.  Operators must also take responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of the machine.
  • Must know when to make tooling changes, how to maintain the sets of blades, and ensure that dull sets are turned in to be sharpened.
  • Understand the full capabilities and limitations of the equipment.
  • Complete, demonstrated knowledge of the lockout/tagout procedures for this machine.


  • Skilled in troubleshooting equipment to determine problems and discerning when the machinery requires the attention of Maintenance.
  • Complete working knowledge of the panel saw operation.


  • Ability to read an english ruler to 1/32”.
  • Ability to read a metric ruler to 1 mm.
  • Ability to read and interpret mechanical drawings and specifications accurately.
  • Ability to enter programs for rips, crosscuts, headcuts, and single fixed stop cuts quickly and with confidence.
  • Ability to change the tooling, adjust the setting so that the blades are aligned, and correctly adjust the speed of the machine to maintain optimum blade life.
  • Able to perform all daily, weekly, and monthly preventive maintenance.
  • Ability to complete all setups without supervision.
  • Ability to organize the flow of work thorough the work area, complete assigned tasks in a timely manner, and prioritize “red-tagged” items.
  • Ability to make all parts accurately and maintain consistency.

Travel Requirements:

<1% for continued development training.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Ability to stand for entire shift.
  2. Hand grip minimum requirements based on age and gender.
  3. Trunk rotation 30 degrees right and left.
  4. Hamstring flexibility 80 degrees of passive range of motion.
  5. Nerve pace testing between 3.5-4.5
  6. Lift 20 pounds.
  7. Push 10 pounds.
  8. Pull 10 pounds.
  9. Grasp frequently/ constantly.  Grasp rating of frequent/ constant may promote wrist tendonitis and/or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  10. Postural Concerns- Wide grasp of plywood pieces that may promote wrist tendonitis and/or elbow pain.

Materials and Equipment Utilized:

  • Panel saws
  • Computer workstation
  • Plywood
  • Personal Protective Equipment as required
  • Hand powered lift jack(s)
  • Various hand tools such as wrenches, measuring devices, etc.

Working Environment:

Bird-in-Hand Woodworks is an industrial manufacturing facility with all the potential hazards as related to a woodworking manufacturing environment.  Every precaution and effort is made to ensure the safety and health of all associates in this facility, however safety is also up to the individual associate.  They are provided with the appropriate training and equipment to make this possible.  It is then up to them to be aware of their work environment and take all precautions to protect themselves and those around them. 

Associates working in the Mill area are specifically exposed to wood dust, high noise levels, sharp cutting tools, and moving equipment.

School Specialty, Inc. is a Drug Free Workplace.

All applicants are subject to a drug screen as a condition of employment.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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Job Requirements

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