RN clear $1100-1500 wkly, Nurse , LPN , CNA , etc.

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Basic Job Info

US-KS-Wichita and surrounding
Begin Date
End Date
Base Pay
$40,000.00 - $120,000.00 /Year
Other Compensation
Benefit Package is the best in the industry.
Employment Type
Manages Others
Relocation Covered

Job Description

Seeking a few great RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, PT/OT’s, Scrub Techs, Sterile Processors, RT's, MA’s or other hospital healthcare employees (Lab, and most allied staff included). You can make more money, have amazing med/dental insurance, and be highly appreciated on a daily basis with us. 

Updated 7-18-16jw
See Below, for an idea about our pay & opportunities, or call Scott Weissenbach our recruiter any time at (888) 229-5801 Mon-Fri.  CNA's & LPN's call Nick Underhill, Recruiter.

We are not like any other healthcare staffing company. We have the most opportunities, the highest pay plans, and most of all; we do NOT HIRE JUST ANYONE! We take resumes and applications, and make a hiring decision by committee. We receive hundreds of applications, and look closely at each individual. Our recruitment department then contacts individuals to bring in for an interview and QA with HR or an Executive Manager. We do not want to hire any person who we do not feel is a good addition to our team, and we do not want to make a commitment to you, based upon your experience, that we feel we can not keep!  We run our business by a distinct set of policies, procedures and progressive discipline plans and feel that we employ the best employees of any agency in Kansas and Missouri – bar none!  

We realize that many agencies have given companies like Cascade, a reputation for being the employer of people who are unable to work “anywhere else”, and we go out of our way to prove we’re different.  We have the opinion that our employees are the cream of the crop and include people who have to be the best at their specialty and able to hit the ground running at any new facility in which they may take shifts – so our employees need to be above average, and quick learners, and have super attitudes & knowledge. We ask for one year recent experience (we will make some exceptions for just the right person). 

You will be working for a company that has been in business since 1988 and has only ever serviced Kansas and Missouri. Cascade employs about 35 office staff, has over 200 hospitals/nursing homes/facilities that we service, and nearly 700 healthcare employees! We have an office in North Kansas City, MO - Wichita, KS - Topeka, KS and Hays, KS. We are planning to open 2+ more offices in Missouri and perhaps Kansas in the near future. We use a state of the art computerized staffing system, and have Staffing Managers answering our phones and working on the computer 24/7/365 (no “on call” or answering services OR ignored phone calls!) 


Cascade is Joint Commission Certified, and a proud member of many healthcare and/or staffing organizations. We have won over 30 awards for our superior service, and our Co-Owner Jonna was the winner of Women Who Mean Business –Kansas City a few years ago. 


Most of you will have the opportunity to choose whether you want to work full time hours ONLY on the days you WANT to work, or if you want to work a shift here and there (once a week, a few weekly, ETC), or if you want to take Contract work (36-48 hours weekly guaranteed and a set schedule usually – that is usually 3 months at a time guaranteed) OR if you want our recruiter to find a Perm position for you (we get many orders from hospitals, clinics & other facilities to search for JUST the right employee for them). MOST of all, what we will NOT do, is bring you on board, if we do not fully believe that we are a good fit for your needs – if you’d like, you can skip the application on CB and just call our recruiter Scott at (888) 229-5801 to get an idea about what we could do for you. He will be very honest about you being a fit for us and us for you, and will take your inquiry seriously. We also will entertain allowing potential employees to speak to current employees and ask questions about what it is like to work for Cascade.


*Note:  We staff PRN (and contract - travel) all over the entire state of Kansas, and can keep about anyone very busy in Kansas. This is the same, for the KC metro area, and about 100 mile radius. We have just begun staffing more, in all other areas of Missouri. We staff some PRN around Springfield, Joplin, Jeff City, etc. but we are NOT AS BUSY YET, in areas of MO other than about 60-100 miles around KC (changing every day, however!)  We do typically have TRAVEL/ CONTRACT work in all areas of MO and LOTS IN ST. LOUIS (and KC area)!! 

 **We HIGHLY recommend, employees near KC be dual licensed, so if you have a MO license, we suggest you let us help you get  your KS and visa versa.

:  We have TONS of Travel Contracts available almost all of the time, for most units. HIGH need for Labor/Delivery RN’s in KS and MO, mostly KC area (KS & MO side), and various spots in Kansas and then St. Louis, MO. ICU and TELE in most areas of both states. TONS of LTAC in KC, Wichita, Topeka. Some Nursing home shifts. ER contracts and some PRN in most locations. Perm positions vary. Many of our RN’s do contracts, and then still pick up a PRN shift here and there. We also get OR (circulator), PACU, Cath Lab, Radiology contracts fairly often. If you want to do a contract in KC or St Louis, obviously those are our highest most frequent needs but again we get lots of Contracts to fill all over both areas of the states. The best thing is to check in with our Recruiter, Scott 888-229-5801. **We nearly ALWAYS have PICU, PEDS, NICU and PED ER contracts at the Children’s hospital in KC (amazing pay & benefits!!)

Pay:   We typically do not provide housing, and let our nurses find their own hotel/housing (but we can do it), and pay an allowance (per-diem) for housing, meals and incidentals on a weekly basis. A typical RN clears about $1200-1500 weekly for a 36 hour week. PRN pay varies by hospital and location, but $35-40 is pretty typical. If you live in a remote location that is an hour or more away from where you’d work for us, we also can put you on a per-diem pay plan in which you would earn about $45-55 an hour equivalent hourly pay. We have an abundance of options/shifts available. Call Scott!   *As of July 2016, several facilities are allowing us to offer "crisis" rates to contract or travel RN's, meaning that the pay is around $10-20 more per hour than normal.

Specialties/Facilities:   7/2016 update--Currently we are seeing most units giving us contracts. ER, MS, TELE, OR seem to be the biggest trend but honestly we get needs for about all units. We are asked to provide help to probably 60-75% of the hospitals in KS at any given time and probably 50% of the hospitals in MO. So, we see hundreds of contract opportunities for RN's. As mentioned, we almost always have a need for most units at a major children's hospital in the KC area.

Areas/Locations:    See Above




Opportunities:  Mostly LTAC, REHAB and Nursing Home opportunities. Very busy in KC area and all over KS.

Pay:   PRN pay is about $19-$28 hourly. If you live over an hour from the facilities you might normally work, we will consider speaking to you about being on a Per-Diem plan, in which you might make about $30 an hour equivalent pay (a portion of your pay would be tax free and apportioned to travel, lodging, meals, etc.)



:  We are super busy in KC (KS and MO side) , and all areas of Kansas!! We do not get a LOT of travel/contracts, but do get some. Most of our work would be PRN, but usually we can keep a great, flexible CNA busy 40 hours weekly! Most work would be nursing home, but we do have quite a bit of LTAC and REHAB, and some hospital shifts also.

Pay:   Varies - $12-17 is pretty typical.



CMA / CMT’s:  
:  Most areas in the entire state of KS. In KC (mostly all the suburb areas) we have quite a bit of availability. Some needs PRN in the Springfield area.

Pay:   $13-19 is pretty typical



OTHER STAFF (CST / OR Scrub Techs, RAD TECH’s, PT/OT’s, RNP’s, Lab Personnel, ETC):

Opportunities:  We have had many requests for Scrub Techs and Sterile Processors lately. We do receive many requests for staff other than RN, LPN, CNA….
*Changes so frequently – Call Scott or just apply and let him call you if the fit seems appropriate!


BENEFITS Package includes – Blue Cross Medical, Delta Dental, Vision, Paid Time Off, 401k with 4% match from Cascade, Life Insurance ($25k policy fully paid by Cascade), CEU reimbursement, Uniform reimbursement plan & MORE!

Thanks for Considering CASCADE for your employment!
Jonna M. Weissenbach    CEO, Cascade Health Services
Winner of Kansas City Women Who Mean Business Award
apply at

Call Scott Weissenbach today, for more information - 888.229.5801


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