Good eye contact is crucial to making a connection. According to this video, scientists even speculate that humans are the only primates with whites in our eyes because our eyes are meant to be seen.

Neither too much (where you come off as hostile/intimidating) nor too little eye contact (nervous/insincere) is productive. So, what is “just right”? What is good eye contact?

First, follow the 80/20 rule, whereby you maintain contact 80% of the time and glance away with the remaining time.

Among the “official rules,” author Improvement Pill suggests:

  • Focus on one (rather than both) eyes
  • Include facial movements
  • Hold more contact when speaking and less while listening
  • In a group setting, try to make eye contact with every individual

Easier said than done…so the video also includes a personal improvement challenge that elicits a lot of comments.


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