Community and Social Services - What's Hot


What’s Hot: Social Workers and Health Educators have jumped to the top of the Highest Paid. Educational, Vocational and School Counselors continue to thrive with a mean annual wage of $57,620 and Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists continue to make the list at $55,380. 

What’s Not: The largest and smallest job categories by size head up the Lowest Paid list. The underappreciated Social and Human Service Assistants are also undervalued with a mean annual wage at $34,120 and Religious Workers, All Other are also among the Least Paid at $34,300, followed by Rehabilitation Counselors at $38,740. In addition, Directors, Religious Activities and Education are at $44,840 and Clergy at $49,450.

Wage Estimates for the entire group can be found here.