Office and Administrative Support - GPS Your Career


GPS Your Career: According to the BLS, the States with the highest employment level in the Office and Administrative Support occupational group are:

California (2,498,730 workers)
Texas (2,008,820)
New York (1,499,510)
Florida (1,442,140)
Pennsylvania (944,240)

States with the highest concentration of jobs are:

Utah (177.17 per 1,000 jobs)
Florida (175.40)
Arizona (172.79)
Texas (171.03)
Delaware (168.21)

The top paying States for this occupation are below.  The Northeast corridor presents a haven for Management positions.

District of Columbia ($51,650 annual mean wage)
Alaska ($43,380)
Connecticut ($43,120)
Massachusetts ($42,970)
New York ($42,220)