It’s no surprise that color can be a powerful branding tool, so find out what color best expresses your personal brand. Are you a wise loyal blue, an energetic happy yellow, or some other color?

  • Color is a powerful branding tool
    • Strengthens/expresses attributes
    • Enables recognition
    • Evokes emotion (e.g., Tiffany blue)
    • Differentiates from competition
  • What color best expresses you brand attributes
    • Blue: intelligence, wisdom, integrity, authority, truth, loyalty, peace, trust, reliability, confidence
    • Green: growth, nature, environment, healing, youth, fertility, rebirth, nature, luck, relaxation, spring
    • Yellow: energy, sunshine, joy, warmth, caution, warning, happiness, vision, light, creativity, intellect
    • Orange: energy, strength, potency, determination, encouragement, success, vitality, force, competition, productivity
    • Red: power, potency, action, passion, love, determination, desire, courage, energy
    • Purple: royalty, wealth, luxury, ambition, competition, mystery, mysticism, magic, inspiration, dignity
  • Need to determine your brand attributes in order to select your colors


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